Living By Faith; Walking by Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)
“(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)”

Hello, Hello, Hello precious Friend. It’s another Friday and I thank you for clicking that link to bring you up here to read from me. I know God won’t let you just get informed but you’ll be moved in your heart toward actions in keeping with faith.

Last week, I laid a foundation on living by faith (read here). I’d like to continue today in the direction of walking by faith… Hence, “Living by faith; walking by faith”.

Last week, I began by stating clearly with examples that man has been given the natural ability to believe but the problem is in what he puts his trust. This natural ability to believe is so tightly sewed to the will of man. This is what makes it difficult to believe in anything that is not his own “flesh” and does not give him a sense of “power” and “control”.

Now, upon hearing the gospel of Jesus, many have carried that belief, killed their pride and put it on Jesus and they have been declared righteous.

Because of faith, they are declared righteous and have received a new Life… This is another way to look at Habakkuk 2:4. This faith is not exercised once and for all, No!!! It has to be continuous because the new life received has to be lived, it has to be sustained, if not, death will occur… The easiest way to introduce decay is to do nothing.

You must be reminded always that you were rescued from death into life, from curses into blessings. The first stage of belief that brought you into this new life of grace and by grace, is not the destination. It is the first step of a journey of life…. Glory To God!!!

So in this new life are great and precious promises for you but you have to journey into it… And Apostle Paul calls the promise “Life“.

Let me repeat it, “You have to journey into the fullness of the life of this new life”.

Now remember the story of the Israelites I used last week, they were rescued from the bondage of slavery which they were in under the cruel rule of a new Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and they crossed the Red Sea, separating them forever from the old life. They received the promise of the new life and when they crossed over, we could say they had received a new life, by believing. However, the promises of the new life, the very experiential life of the new life, they were yet to see…and so in light of that, the Lord spoke to them in Deuteronomy.

Let’s look at the scripture…. I like how simply this is going

Deuteronomy 8:1 (KJV)
“All the commandments which I command thee this day shall ye observe to do, that ye may live, and multiply, and go in and possess the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers.”

Just look at that… They had to walk by the word of God. They couldn’t just do things haphazardly but they had to intentionally look at what God has said concerning every matter and do it for them to posses the promises of the new life.

Let me bring this home…

This new life you received when you believed is spiritual. Yet, essentially, this new life must affect the life you now live on the earth. Just like the Israelites, you’re not expected to remain as you were when you were in “Egypt”. Now, you must seek the word of God to walk thereby that you may live… That you may acquire the full promise of the new life.

You see brethren, life is divided into different phases and aspects. Each phase and aspect contributes to the general outcome of life as we know it. Examples are education, marriage, career, etc. However, the quality of the outcome of life is determined by the decisions made at every point… This decisions are what the Bible calls “The Walk”.

If you want to have the outcome of new life in your various aspects of life, you have to consciously seek God’s commandment concerning those areas of your life and begin to make decisions by them, take those words and begin to walk by them… This way, you’re walking by faith. You ignore totally what statistics tell you, what medicine tells you, what your pedigree proves to you and some times even what some “prophets” have told you and just take the word and believe it….believing will make you pray for grace to do and then do the little it instructs you to do.

Brethren, if you seek for God’s counsel because you know that you have now received a life that must be guided by faith, by His word, you shall Live.

Walking by faith, my Friend, is every single daily decision you make based on the word of God…. Kai!!! It means you believe God!!!

All the Lord asks is believe that commandment, that word concerning examination success, concerning a happy marriage not dependent on how much money you have, concerning a thriving career even in your village, concerning a perfect health even knowing every single male in your family has been diagnosed of diabetes, concerning the possibility of having children who will never know what youthful delinquency means… concerning every word that proceeds out of His mouth… All He says is just believe and change you mind, let His own word be what you form your opinion upon, What you make your decisions on and you will see the Grace (ability) to Live poured into you.

Listen, this might scare you but just listen…. That is why many were able to die by faith…they chose death believing the word of God and waiting for His salvation than look for an alternative… Aaaaahhhhh!!! That’s why some could enter into the fiery furnace…. They were living on every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and the life of the word was present to perform and bring them to the full promise of the Father.

Enough of getting your opinions from celebrities… Enough of magazines… Enough of Instagram, twitter and the likes… Login to the Word!!!!!

Let me close with this…

“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God”… It’s time to start building your spirit, soul and body up and not just your body… The flesh profiteth nothing but the word that He speaks are spirit and life.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Let’s complete this series next week. God bless you.

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