Do I Love God?

I wasn’t disappointed with what I found when I decided to check what the most memorised and recited scripture is.

Happy new month dear friend. It’s a beautiful Friday and a blessed day. Thank you for always coming to read my posts. You will be changed.

So I discovered that top of the list of the most memorised and recited scripture is John 3:16. No surprises there, Ahahahah, everyone wants to be assured they are loved.

Anyways, today’s focus is not about God’s love for you… as that is a constant and it is indisputable… We want to focus on your love for God.

Do you love God? Do I love God? How do I know that I love God?

One of the errors man makes about the matter of love is to think that love is a rush of sensations. A strong positive feeling towards someone or something that ends at just the feeling.

In John 3:16, the most memorised scripture, we learn from our Father that love is not about the feeling alone. As a matter of fact, the feelings there are very undependable, they vanish in adverse situations. The Bible however shows us that love is expressed in a selfless, unreserved manner.

Emphasis on “selfless” andunreserved“.

For God so loved the world that He gave everyone on the earth a big hug? Is that what happened? Did He cuddle with you? No!!! He didn’t… He expressed is love by giving you His only begotten Son that if you believe in Him, you will have Life.

When Love is expressed, the feelings become insignificant. Of what use is how you feel when the object of how you feel doesn’t drink from the river of your acclaimed love.

Do I Love God? Do you Love God?

Our Lord Jesus Christ, being the visible expression of God’s love, also taught us that the same principle of love applies to us. God showed His love in giving to us. He said to us that we are also expected to show and express our love beyond the proclamation and “butterfly in your stomach” feeling.

How then do I show that I love God? What should I give to Him? What will be enough to give to Him?

Well, now that’s where we’ll be wrong if we think our own expression of love to God is to give to Him… I’ll be happy to break this table. Come down, quick, if you’re on this table… Many times you are told to give to show how much you love God. Sometimes you’re sitting and you just “feel” this strong surge of pleasant feeling towards God and you just want to get up and give God a huge offering as a show of love… That’s not the measure of your love for God… When your surge calms, you’ll regret that giving then you’ll know you did it impulsively and not out of understanding.

God shows His love by giving all to you but this is how you show yours

John 14:15 (KJV)
“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

I feel like adding “Shikina” to that scripture… (Hausa; meaning that’s all)

How you show your love for God is by Obeying.

Listen to me… You may do so many things, claiming it’s your expression of love for Jesus, but if you are not doing these things from the point of obedience, you may not just love God… You just may be selfish.

You may be a cleaner where your church meets. Spending the day before every church service day cleaning the place of meeting but you don’t obey God’s word which commands you to love your enemies. You don’t love God… Especially when you’re not ignorant of this word He Spoke.

1 John 5:3 (KJV)
“For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.”

Let me talk a little about keeping God’s word…that is obedience.

I believe that obedience goes beyond the doing of God’s word or instructions. I think the show of love for God is not just in the doing of what He says, it is…pay attention.. The subscribing to His ideologies and then living by them and doing them.

So we don’t just do God’s word, we become custodians of God’s word. We believe it, we accept and subscribe to it and we do it.

Now… Do you love God? Do you, really???

I know you are “obedient” but are you willing?? Again, let me make you understand that if you are not willing, if you actually are not interested in the instructions and word of God, if you do not wait upon it because life depends on it, no matter how far you go with obedience, the motive is wrong and it will eventually rob you of consistency.

Let me end this with a quote by a writer on, John Bloom “We know if we love Jesus by what we consistently (not perfectly) do and don’t do.”

In our quest to obey, may God deliver us from the hands of legalism. Amen

Thank you for joining me this week. We might just continue this topic next week Friday. Join me next week. God bless you.

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  1. Sam Salami says:

    If you love me, obey my commandments.. shikina😁

    Thanks again brother!
    I’m blessed always..

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    1. Rowland says:

      Glory to God


  2. danielluyi says:

    This as really been helpful.

    Thank you sir.

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