The God-Centered Life.

I was recently asked , “Can a man have more than one purpose In life?” and my answer was…..”No, a man has one and only one purpose“.

Some don’t agree with this but I’m sure you’ll see the point by the end of this post. Others are scared when they hear there’s just one purpose. They go “oh I hope I’ve not missed my purpose“…Don’t be scared.

Happy Friday very precious reader. It really gladdens me to know you’re reading this. Don’t forget to always drop a comment if you want to. Be blessed today.

Well, let me in one line, maybe, answer clearly the question above. Purpose, destiny is one but paths are diversified for different people. You have one destiny but how you’re to get there has been chosen by God specifically for you and it could be more than one path but it is all God centered.

Because I’m not talking about “career” today, let me stop there and focus on the God-Centered life.

Last week we talked about The God Centered Gospel. We established two important truths and they were that our faith finds its origin and perfection in God. Man has no contribution to the process of salvation and redemption.

I like this scripture so much…

Romans 6:10-11 (KJV)
“For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God.
Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Therefore, reckon yourself….alive unto God.

Having established that God is the source of our lives and the life that we live is not ours, we ought to consistently ask ourselves who or what we are living for. I have seen many pursue set goals with the last drop of blood, I have seen many attain heights even as they break sweat, I have seen many lose sleep to monitor the financial markets and other markets… At the end, for what and for whom?

Listen brethren, I don’t have to write so much before you get the point. This is the point. You must live for God. This is the one destiny we all have, to glorify God (remember God here is Father, Spirit and Son). Listen friend, you can achieve all that a man can achieve upon the surface of the earth but let me tell you what Solomon calls them, VANITY. If Solomon lived in our time, he would have had all the PhDs there are to acquire but his testimony would remain… VANITY... Oh he would have had all we in this age chase after and he would have stood on the pinnacle of his tallest building and screamed to the world “VANITY!!!”.

All the world successfully does is to create new and improve on old vanities. They rebrand vanity into different packages and present it but all is VANITY.

But Jesus says… You live unto God… You live to chase after His heart… God must be the center… You may find yourself amassing wealth as you pursue hard after Him but He must be the center.

Oh you didn’t see that….

I said, “God must be the center” not “…be at the center”... I hope you got that… What I simply mean is that everything that you will acquire must be an addition from God because you are seeking the kingdom of God first. (Matthew 6:33).

You remember the Bible says we should look to Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith?… Alright let’s look at Jesus

John 6:38 (KJV)
For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.”

WOW!!! That is, a man’s entire life is to please the father. This is what it means to “live unto God”. God becomes your motivation for everything. The motivation for how you think, how you speak,what you speak and what you do. Listen, no more having ideas and making plans then going to God to approve or bless your selfish plan… It is now you have ideas and you ask if it glorifies God… It becomes, you ask God for ideas on how to glorify Him, how to live for Him… What path He wants you to follow.

He is the motivation.

Brethren, you have lived a self centered life for too long. Even your religious practices are selfish. It is only when God becomes your focus, when He becomes the center in your life, it is only when you put God before your eyes that you can fulfil destiny, that you can indeed live unto God.

Let Him become your hope. This means He is your expectation… His glorification is what you anticipate eagerly. His glorification is what you want to see in your projects, in your ideas, in your rising early and sleeping late.

The application of this in daily living is a big discussion that can’t be captured here…

I however encourage you today that you give your life to Christ indeed.

Put all your eggs in one basket…In God. Jesus did the same. He gave his entire living to please and do the will of the Father. Paul did the same, Peter did the same… Aquila, Priscilla….

Let me just go off a little but it’ll bless you… Even when Paul built tents to feed himself and those with him, his motivation was not food primarily. He didn’t want to be a burden to the people, so that he could effectively preach.

He said I am willing to be poured out as a drink offering.

Sometimes I ask myself… Rowland, have you given your all to God?

This is a question you should ask yourself. Every time, evaluate your heart. Has it moved from hoping in God? Has it moved from resting in God to trying to take His glory? Have I really given my life?

This is a good time to reflect and take a major decision. Are you living for God??

Oh Lord, Help me to daily put Thee before me.

Thank you for joining me tonight. Have a beautiful weekend. God bless you.

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I’ll write to you Next Week.


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  1. jumalankuva says:

    GOD bless you too sir.

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  2. godswilliz says:

    More grace sir

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