The God Factor

God is not a factor. Except the god you’re talking about is your belly.

God is not a factor no matter your point of view. Whether you are an unbeliever or not. As a believer, God is intentionally not a factor for you.

Let me define what a factor is and then from there move to the aim of writing today.

According to the English dictionary, a factor is one of the elements, circumstances or influence which contributes to produce a result.

Putting God under this category, I will not say reduces God because He cannot be reduced, however, it makes you lose focus and distribute your strength and if you’re not careful, you’ll achieve so much yet remain an unprofitable servant. I’ll explain that later.

Now, this is what it means when a motivational speaker tells you “The God factor“, especially when it is the last factor on the list. God is usually put in the equation not exactly as reverence but to take care of the unknown. It’s like saying, I’ll wake up, eat, drive to work, do this and do that (take care of the known) and then God takes care of the unknown.

God cannot be inserted into the equation of your life. He can’t be a part of your success story. He’s not even asking to be.

I’ll give you a scripture why God cannot be a factor.

Revelation 4:11 (KJV)
“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”


This is why God cannot be a factor.
Everything was created for His pleasure. It means simply:




He mercifully brings you in and still sustains you in the equation. Whatever you think you have to offer, He gave to you.

Taking God has a factor has made many people religious…

I really don’t mind what you call Him, factor or not, as long as He is your motivation. We have lived in so much deception. Shouting and praising God for helping us achieve certain heights in our careers and anything else. We come out in church to share our “testimonies” with the brethren and we say “I did it only by the help of God“. Well you’re right but the question is “is that what He asked you to do?” You say “I did this and that and then I said to God, ‘If you will help me, I will do this and this’ and He did.” Well you’re right but do you know that God can help you progress (if you’d call it progress) without exactly being pleased with you?

Oh Rowland, I don’t think God will support you when He’s not pleased with you.

You think wrong friend. I’ll give you at least three examples of people in the scriptures who would have given a testimony of how they succeeded meanwhile God was not pleased with them.

First, the Israelites. God said to Moses, I’ll send Angels ahead of you to protect you, to make your path to the Promise Land seamless but I will not go with you (this was because He was angry at the people). (Exodus 33)

Second, God said concerning Pharaoh that He helped him ascend the throne so God would be glorified. (though he was evil)

Finally, if David had killed Saul, it’d have been recorded that God delivered Saul into the hands of David (which would be true) except that David had prior instructions not to touch the Lord’s anointed. If he did, it would have been God but God would not have been pleased with Him.

Now, all these people would have succeeded and others did succeed with God as a “factor”.


I don’t know what you call result when God was left behind in the equation.

Proverbs 16:4
“The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”

Fear God o!!!

Now, please understand this, am I saying God can’t be a factor? That’s not what I am saying (especially for those who know how to apply godly principles). Is God therefore a factor? Absolutely not!!! And this is the perspective you, as a believer, must come from.

Is God a factor in your salvation?

Let me explain again what a factor is… A factor is a part of a complete equation to get a result.

Why, how, in what way, in which aspect can God ever be reduced to a factor in the life of a believer?

Some may still not understand what I’m saying so let me drop another scripture that summarizes my point.

Ecclesiastes 12:13 (KJV)
“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

God permitted king Solomon a great amount of laxity from which we could pick up lessons to live so as not to live our few years on earth finding our bearing. Solomon tried many things, he experimented everything there was to experiment in his day, he had all a man could want. All these experiments led him to worship false gods… At the end, he says in other words that a man’s life consists only in his pursuit of the satisfaction of God for therein is his own satisfaction.

If you go around building up self promoting goals and ambitions, you will eventually reduce God to a factor in your mind.

If God gives you ideas and you run with His ideas in your own strength, God will be reduced to a factor in your eyes.

It is by faith from beginning to end!!!

I’ll continue next week… I’d like to, by the help of the Holy Spirit, deal with the fear of throwing Your all on God. This is what has made many keep God as a factor.
Also our “responsibility” will be discussed because I know that question is already raised in your heart.

Thank you for joining me. It’d be a good think to share this with someone. Also, you can drop a comment, like and follow.

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  1. godswilliz says:

    Powerful message.

    More Grace Sir


  2. Amen! His grace abounds.

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