Faith And Comfort

Hi there, welcome to my blog. Thank you for coming to read from me this week.

Other times, my posts feel very difficult, today I want to be casual so let’s see how casual feels like… Ahahahah.

Faith is one thing a believer can’t do without talking about. Whether as the center of the discussion or as what the center of the discussion must lean on. Growing up, I was taught to, by faith, acquire things and pray all I want to manifest. I was taught that if I was not living the kind of life I wanted or a life that portrays wealth and comfort, I was not activating the provisions of God by faith… I know you have heard these things.

Please read with keen attention, this may be simple but it’ll bless you. It will give you a more meaningful life.

In my opinion, which is formed by God’s word, faith and comfort are neither compliments nor a substitute for each other. No, they, are not. Judging my faith by how comfortable or uncomfortable I am is one of the great errors that exist.

It’s funny how we believe it’s silly to think because a person is wealthy, it, therefore means God is pleased with them, yet we think if we can gather enough faith, we will live comfortably.

What am I teaching today? It is the insignificance of comfort when talking about faith. It is the weightlessness of comfort on the scale of faith… Only one thing weighs equal with faith and it is not comfort.

The one thing that weighs equal with faith is the pleasure of God.

because faith is what pleases God.

You see, it’s so easy to judge if you’re walking in faith by looking into the word of God and judging your motives. If all I do is seek my comfort and wealth, I will never please God. If part of what I do is to seek the same, I will also never please God. I might seek comfort and wealth the religious or “spiritual” way, but that’s not faith… Ahahahah… No, that’s not faith.

It’s not faith to “sow a seed” for a job, especially because it pays well.

It is not faith to fast and pray for a rich man to marry you.

It is not faith to pray over someone’s picture until they do your bidding.

All these are spiritualism.

Listen to me, the central point (which is mostly what my posts scream to you) is that God is pleased with our living and lives.

Let me explain that, it is not that you’re running your life, seeking what you desire while making sure you don’t offend God. You avoid the telling of lies, stealing, cheating, etc. It is actively seeking His own desire and will for your life.

Moving on…

Comfort is not a matter of discussion or consideration when talking about pleasing God….Maybe I should change the topic to “pleasing God and comfort”.

Am I therefore saying when we are comfortable, we are not pleasing God? No I am not. God wants us to be comfortable but our comfort can give way for His primary purpose… What He seeks actively is the forming of Christ in us. Therefore what we should seek actively is the pleasure of God despite our desire for comfort.

Many gave up their comfort just to please God (of which in the end, it’s for our good.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Abraham left the Ur of the Chaldean. According to many publications, National Geographic being one of them, Ur around that period was an Urban area. Regarded to be the center of a wealthy empire that traders from far go to sell and buy as at 2800 – 2000 BC.

Listen, Abraham left civilization to live a nomadic life. He left his people where he was “secured” to live amongst foreigners, he left well constructed houses to live in tents for the rest of his life.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Moses by faith refused the riches of Egypt, denied the title “Son of Pharaoh” and preferred to suffer with the Israelites.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Joseph by faith refused the pleasure of a woman and accepted jail term.

๐Ÿ‘‰ By faith, Isaac was sacrificed.

๐Ÿ‘‰ By faith, the three Hebrew Boys were thrown into fire.

๐Ÿ‘‰ By faith, Stephen was stoned.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Contrary to what many believe and say, by faith, John the baptist finished his work and was beheaded.

๐Ÿ‘‰ By faith Job continued suffering by not cursing God.

What about Leah Sharibu, the now 16 years old secondary school girl who was abducted among other schoolgirls when she was 14 years old?

The others have been released but she hasn’t been released because she refused to deny Jesus.

BY FAITH, she’s still in the custody of ferocious terrorists exposed to all forms of discomfort and suffering

One thing common with all these people is not the desire for suffering and discomfort, they don’t hate comfort and wealth, they don’t hate their lives per sรจ.

The central thing about faith is God… That He is pleased even if I’ll be discomforted.

Listen to me, never prioritize your safety and comfort above the pleasure of God.

You should take a short time to pray and ask God to help you let yourself die daily and make Him be everything you are.

Thank you for joining to read my gist. God bless you.

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  1. Sam Salami says:

    Thanks so much for sharing sir.
    God bless you more..

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  2. Yusuf says:

    Great Post..Man of God

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    1. Rowland says:

      Thank you man of God


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