Fine Wine

Hello precious Reader. It’s the last day of the month and the last working day of the week (TGIF). Thank you for coming here to read from me again. I pray you will be blessed beyond words. I’m really working to make my posts succinct. Ahahahah… So help me God.

Today, I’m writing to you about You… Funny right… You are that Fine Wine. Not the natural you but the you God has redeemed and justified. Listen, let no one lie to you that you were so precious that’s why God sent His only begotten Son to die for you… You were good for nothing but wrath… It is all about His righteousness, loving kindness and mercy. Amen?

One of the things the corruption of our body and nature as mere humans causes us to do and pushes us to live for is the preservation of self. Everything man does, every choice man makes, every idea man has is to satisfy and preserve self. It should not be so for the believers.

You know my writings are mostly for believers… Listen to me friend.

The cost of sustaining your being here on earth is more than what you can earn by any business or company you may work for… No matter the sources of income. Yet we, in our pride, labour, thinking by our hands, we keep ourselves. We labour for ourselves.

Rowland, what are you saying?

What I’m saying is this, as a believer, you seize to make decisions for self- preservation. Rather you make decisions for the increase of the kingdom of God… The spread of the knowledge of it, the unity of the faith, the increasing of righteousness, peace and joy, the answering of the call of assignment and purpose.

Preservation is the epicenter of self, the man called self. It is so powerful, it even takes people to a point of utmost dedication to the church, you almost think they actually love God. Sadly, they have heard that He provides their needs.

“What a waste!!” you’d say… “What a waste of fine wine!!”, “What a waste of talent!!” , “What a waste of an opportunity to be employed by one of the Big Companies!!” , “What a waste of speaking prowess, why didn’t he go into preaching, he would have made a great preacher”. Listen to me “WE ARE ALL WASTING, CHOOSE WHAT YOU WILL BE WASTED ON; ETERNAL LIFE OR VANITY”.

This is what many don’t get. When you believe in Jesus Christ, you are no longer your own, it’s not business as usual, you are now God’s own. It’s sad to sometimes find ourselves being poured out only to preserve our flesh like the ordinary man, the heathens, chasing after what to eat, drink, be clothed with, live in, drive in, brag with, boast of, find fleshly accomplishment in. Let me say it again, we are all being poured out like a wine out of a bottle, the question is are you being poured out into another bottle for preservation or poured to the ground for the purposes of God. You no longer live to preserve yourself, you live for His purposes. Hallelujah!!

This has nothing to do with desiring the office of a Bishop or the office of a Deacon. It is not about joining the workforce of a Church or doing good. All these can still be excuses to continue living for yourself.

Are you a believer? Then stop living your life for your life… C’mon it’s simply going round in the circle of destruction… The real preservation is to live a life, seemingly wasted, to do only the purposes of God.

I may not be able to tell you how to live a life poured out like a drink offering, a drink sacrifice unto God, but I can tell you where to start… With a sincere heart, ask, until you get the response of God, how you’ve been living and for what, ask the Holy Spirit to search you and reveal to you your hidden thoughts and very importantly, lead you in the way to live for Him.

Listen to me. God answers prayers. I promise.

Thank you for joining me today. Have a beautiful weekend and Happy new Month in a few hours from now. God bless you.

You know I always appreciate your comments, likes and definitely sharing the link to call other believers to a more purposeful living.

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