How Your New Life Grows.

Hello Dear Reader, thank you for joining me here again, sincerely gives me joy to know God is blessing you with this write-ups. I did write on this topic some months ago. Today, you’ll read a little bit further on it. The first post can be read via this link.

Just before that post, I wrote about how to measure spiritual growth. You can read that by clicking here. I suggest strongly that you actually read the post where we talked about what we call “spiritual life”. It’ll help you understand some foundational things. You can read it here.

The last time I wrote on spiritual growth (which I shared the link for us to read last week), I focused on making sure you understood that growth is a blessing from God. He, both gives you the seed to sow and causes it to grow and bear fruit. What He asks you to do is to sow that seed in the morning and at night you do the same thing.

Today, I’d like to focus on what that seed is, what that nourishment that makes you grow is.

1 Peter 2:2-3 (KJV)
“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious.”

As new born babes (not necessarily for spiritual babies. It’s using similitude there). It is crucial to know that it is by the Word of God we grow. In life, every thing you know (except the ones that are reflex), you learnt it, consciously or unconsciously. Your desires, your passions, your pursuit, your choices, often times even the drives (that is your motivation). You started learning from the day you were born. You started learning how to hold things, move things, crawl, walk, pronounce words as you hear them being pronounced… It’s all part of growthI know a little child who grew up and spent more time around his mother’s office and he innocently started calling his mum by her name before he was two years old and probably could callmummy“… Correction had to be made instantly and intentionally.

My point is this, whether you know it or not, what you expose your mind to forms your person. It’s what builds you up. Someone said “What entertains you, enters you“. This is true. You can easily pick examples from your taste of fashion, even your opinion of what style is. Sometimes even to things as silly as how you take your beverage and what kind you take.

Now, when you believe, you become a baby (born again), just like I explained above, you are new and you must begin to grow. Babies start eating immediately. You must start eating and never stop eating!!!

Eat and eat. Don’t stop eating. Eat the word of God because the Bible says it is by it that you grow. This is the “how to” of spiritual growth. This is what the word says; Desire the sincere milk of the Word of God.

Listen, I don’t know what activities you have involved yourself in thinking they are your sign of growth. Your sign of growth is not in the activities, it’s not even your ability to quote scriptures. It is the becoming of the Word. The person that is becoming more and more like Christ. Listen to me, the word of God is alive, it is active, it is powerful, just like the food goes into your body and releases the nutrient God has commanded it to (without any effort from you), the word of God you imbibe, you believe, becomes who you are, it will change your person and transform your desires. It’ll make you unable to do some things you were sure you couldn’t stop doing but because you believed the word God spoke via His written word, you are changed.

Believe the Word, believe God. For He is at work in you. Trust God to continue to transform you via His word. I wish I could express this more but I pray the Holy Spirit pours faith and understanding into you as you read these words.

Growth is not from outside in, it’s from inside out. The word goes into you and breaks your heart, your mind, etc, molds you, fills you and it is seen outwardly. All our Lord is saying you should do is desire the word and consume it. If you believe, though it may seem like you don’t desire the word, you’ll begin to desire it because you believed His word that says you should “desire like new born babes”

I just want to encourage you with the encouragement of Jesus… Continue in the word. Not in reading it alone but in believing it despite what you see around you or how you feel. Take the word and pray continually like the widow and the unjust judge only that in your case, you pray to a righteous Judge who watches His word to perform it.

Stay with the word, it is working… Like a Pastor I know says “Cheer up Brethren, the Word works”


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  1. “Growth is in the becoming of the word!”, Love it!

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  2. Oluwaseun Daniel says:

    The blue print- this is it right here and this is what we all must return to. That fellowship time with Adam in the garden, aimed at fulfilling the scripture in Gen1:26(the form the complete man). We must continue to be transformed into Jesus, this has been the plan from the beginning. GOD bless you sir and grant us all grace to walk to talk. In Jesus’s name,amen

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    1. Rowland says:

      Amen and amen!!
      Thank you for the comment sir.


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