God Will Do It

Hello precious Readers. First, let me take some time to glorify God for the grace to consistently write to and for you. It’s a year today since I started Ancient Word. Well 5th of June, 2020 to be exact but 5th of June this year is a Saturday. I made my first post on the first Friday of June 2020 so for me, today makes a year. Thank you for always coming here to read and I’m glad about the testimonies I get. The comments, the shares and the likes are encouraging.

What’s more interesting is how I was able to make 50 posts in the past year. It should have been 52 or 53 but I remember 2 or 3 times asking you to read an old post because I wanted to emphasise the point. When I think about it, 50 is a really big number and (I’m not trying to be humble) I really don’t know what I’ve been writing that it got to 50 posts 😂.

Alright today I prepared to write on another aspect of being God’s but let me just change the topic and testify today hoping to draw a lesson that will encourage you and bless you.

So when I was led to start writing here, I seriously hesitated. I hesitated for so many reasons. One of the reasons was because I perceived it was not a temporary thing and I wasn’t sure I knew anything. I asked so many questions, “what do I know?” “can I sustain this?” “how long will I last?” “Where will I get topics to write on?” and the greatest of them “what if I’m wrong?”

I took some time to really pray. People say they have burdens or something is heavy on their heart, this was mine, it was there for about three days. I prayed and while praying a new fear came up.

So, while praying I downloaded the application and just when I thought I was a new comer, WordPress logged me in 😱. I began reading some things I had written back then when I fancied myself a blogger. Some were so incorrect, especially in the light of what I know now, then I feared all over again and wondered about the possibility of teaching erroneous things. My worry and fear changed to prayers and groaning…

You’re probably wondering what the assurance is that my last 49 posts are not erroneous. Well there’s nothing I can say to assure you except that you open your Bible and verify for yourself (without preconceived ideas).

I prayed because I really didn’t want to start something that many years later I would regret the rubbish I was writing. I prayed and asked God to help me know His word and communicate it. I asked Him that whenever I have to go through the first set of posts I made, let me not regret anything rather be grateful for them as the foundation upon which I now have even a better understanding.

My dear friend after trying so much to convince myself out of the idea, I reached out to some amazing people who also blog to learn one or two things from them that I believed I wouldn’t find on Google or YouTube and they shared some things with me, then I started Ancient Word knowing just the first or first two posts I would make. So you can appreciate it when I say 50 posts looks really big.

Once in a while, I browse through the blog and pick any post that just calls my attention and read through, I get to some points and it’s either I’m breathing heavily as if I’m still pouring out my heart even while reading or I’m asking myself “you wrote that?”.

I won’t lie, I am often blessed by the posts and it is more evident God has been helping me and He has not retired. ☺

You can learn a personal lesson from this if you read through again but let me point out this one. I got an assignment from God, I knew I was too weak in myself to carry it out and I called out on God and He’s been faithful. He has been the one fueling this work.

I have had Readers from different nations (I sometimes wonder who I know there 😂) likes, comments (publicly and privately), and followers (I think 20, I hope they read 😂). Thank you for coming here to be blessed.

You can trust God for every assignment He gives. You may not start with all the pieces in place just make sure you start with putting the pieces of your confused heart in His hands. If you feel confident about what God has told you to do, all the more reason to surrender.

Proverbs 16:3 (KJV)
“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.”

What has He committed to you? Commit it back to Him.

What has He told you to do or will be done by you? Rest, for He shall work in you to fulfil it if you rest.

God bless you my friend. The Lord quickens you in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Folakemi says:

    Awesome write up sir.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowland says:

      Thank you so much ma’am


  2. Pst. Joe says:

    Congratulations my brother.

    I’m really blessed, repositioned and reshaped to God’s glory by your posts on this blog.
    More insight bro…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowland says:

      Thank you so much my brother.
      Glory to God


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