Prayer Across-The-Board

You must be wondering what this is about. Well, it’s the continuation and completion of what we started last week and it’s about prayer but I’m sure you already know that part.

Thank you for coming to read from me. Happy Independence Day to Nigeria, my country by natural birth.

Last week, I wrote to you about praying without ceasing to bring you to the understanding and faith of what the Apostle meant by that statement. I used the parable of Jesus to explain the first part of what he meant and I clearly stated that praying without ceasing is not an endless muttering of words. It is not praying for twenty four hours nonstop.

To really understand the first aspect of the explanation of the topic, please read Pray Without Ceasing .

This week, I am writing the second aspect of what it means to pray without ceasing.

Philippians 4:6 (KJV)
“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

There’s something common with us. We trust God to heal a headache but not a cancer. We trust God to provide for fuel but not for rent. Anything that is more than the petty expenses, we don’t think we should bring God into it. Anything that has a deadline, God might be too slow to meet up. We think anything that’s very important should better be taken care of by us, after all it is commonly said that if you want anything done well, do it yourself. If you think like this, with respect to praying to God for something, you will cease to pray.

Listen, I’ve heard people say things like “Let’s leave God out of this“. This is not a statement of a backslidden person but of one who doesn’t think God should be involved in everything and not just involved but submitted to. From the scripture above, we can already tell what it means to pray without ceasing.

Never think there’s something you should not pray about… Listen, even if you know what to do, pray about it… It could be a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for already giving you solutions before the problem and taken anxiety from you. The scriptures say that in all things… Everything… by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving…emphasis on in everything.

Most times, we would have run from pillar to pole and when we have no result we come to God as the last hope. This is not the will of God. God wants you to turn to Him first and last in all things… Not some but ALL. God wants you to be able to give Him a sacrifice of thanksgiving that is acceptable unto Him not all the lies you come to the front of the church to tell the people of God, keeping the part of the story where you called all the “connects” you have and making it look like all you did was talk to God about it and trusted Him all the way…Abegi!

This is what it means to pray without ceasing. Don’t stop praying because the matter is not a “spiritual” one like being filled afresh, don’t stop praying because it’s about your wicked boss, don’t stop praying because you have hired a brilliant engineer, don’t stop praying because your family doctor is renowned, don’t stop praying because your company has the best lawyers on retainer and you are about to go to court. Do not stop praying.

In all, this is what praying without ceasing is; firstly, continue praying about that particular matter and don’t lose hope and secondly, don’t leave out anything in prayer. Pray about everything. Pray, knowing that God answers. Pray about everything and continually until the will of God is both revealed and done.

Thank you Adelphoi for reading from me today. I believe you were blessed. I’ll write to you next week. Be blessed and God bless Nigeria.

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