The Maker of Idols

Goods, services and ideas have been exchanged between countries, states, communities and cultures but nothing has crossed borders more than the “gospel” that promotes the reason for idols.

Hello dear friend. Today, I want you to know that self (The great “I” or “me”) is not your friend.

Sadly, this eternally destroying gospel is now being broadcast more from the Christian pulpit.

Listen, in case you didn’t know, Jesus is the center of all things and not you. That’s however not what we are taught these days. One can barely hear a teaching that completely focuses attention on Jesus.

Listen, just in case you didn’t know, there’s no reason for idolatry except SELF. I write to you Believer, it doesn’t matter what you do in the name of being a Christian, if you are the center of it, you are tending towards idolatry.

Many of the things we do in the church today don’t exalt Christ… THEY DO NOT! We are either exalting the anointing of the man of God or the miraculous works of God in OUR lives (take note of the our… That’s the center). It’s all about us… Me… I… We.

Yes, you can talk about what the Lord has done for you without making yourself the subject of the whole miracle… You’re the object.

I want you to remember this always, that the journey of your faith is your continuous death, not to the things of the world primarily but to self because this is what makes the things of the world attractive. Sometimes, it corrupts your spiritual pursuit.

Listen, we are not in “church” to get better and become better, good and righteous people in ourselves or for ourselves. We are in the church or in Christ to DIE so that Christ may live in us.

John 3:30 (KJV)
“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

That was John the baptizer’s submission when he was told about his flock following Jesus… It must be Him and not me. I’m not gonna forsake my bad and take up God’s good and add to my good. No, I want to be no more… I want to walk with God till I am no more and Christ is.

Oh the beauty of such glorious day… The day I look to see myself but I see Jesus…

Oh what precious testimony when I am looked at and Jesus literally is seen… I am not talking about a transformed body, I’m talking about a dead soul raised in the newness of His life.

I speak to you again adelphoi, lose sight of yourself and look upon our Lord… Please, look upon Him and experience joy, peace and life… Life indescribable… Hope so certain you could bet your eternity on it.

Let me end by telling you why you think you’ll be satisfied with a better version of you, it’s because you think that’s what God wants from you. No dear! God wants you to be no more that He may be in you.

Say with me, “Not unto me oh Lord, not unto me but to you be ALL the glory”. Amen.

I’ll write to you next week. God bless you.

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