We know that there is the first Adam and the last Adam and each one has his kind of nature.

Something about the scriptures is that in a bid to tell us about the God of the universe, it teaches us many other things. One of these things is the nature of the fallen first Adam.

However, the goal of the entire scriptures is to show us the second Adam who is Jesus Christ and His nature.

Now, let’s do a little juxtaposing of both natures. My aim is to show you what it means to seek the kingdom of God.

To do this, I’m going to start with a commonly known passage of scriptures that gives us a clear distinction between both natures.

Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I’d like you to pay attention to the beginning of that sentence. The first word there is “but“. This means something was mentioned earlier.

However, since my focus is not on the things but on showing differences by looking at the preceding verse (verse 32), it mentions that these things are what the gentiles, unbelievers, seek.

Do you see the separation there?

The truth is that every person has that first nature. The continuance of a perishing nature. The first nature is such that is selfish and lives for itself even using the noblest means. It’s anti-God. It is defiant of authority especially the authority of a Holy being.

“But”, the passage says to us.

But you who have believed, but you who have identified with Christ, this is what you do, seek first the kingdom of God. Submit to this Holy Authority in all things.

Dethrone yourself daily. Topple the kingdom of “I” and seek the pleasure of the one who has given you birth.

So what does it mean to seek God’s kingdom?

You probably think seeking the kingdom of God is when you give to churches or join in church activities like evangelism or join the church workforce.

You may do all these things and not care the least about God’s kingdom.

Everyone who lives in a kingdom lives by the decree of the king.

So simply, this passage of scriptures is telling us to daily set our desire on every single thing God has said concerning how we should live. In this way is He our Lord. In this way does His kingdom find expression and in this way do rivers of living water flow through you.

I once said in one of my posts here that no man is void. We are all driven by something. Often, what you’re driven by is eventually what you find yourself seeking. It becomes your Lord.

So we see this passage telling us not to be governed by mammon as a result of constantly thinking of how to survive. Instead, our minds should be filled with what our Lord has said. This way, we live in His kingdom here on earth.

Understanding this makes it clearer to us what Jesus meant when he said “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

As people who have been born of the word of God, we look to Him for our sustenance.

Seek to see Him be Lord over all. Desire His way (righteousness) above survival. Your allegiance daily must be to Him and not to yourself.

By every word Adelphoi… By every word.

Great grace to you.

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