By Faith We Understand.

To bring the point of this tract home, I’ll have to talk a little about what faith is.

Thank you for coming to read from me today. God bless you.

Note this, the tangible world that we know is not more tangible than the spirit. The physical compared to the spirit is just passing. The spirit is so tangible and powerful that everything tangible were made out of what seems intangible.

Let me say that again. Nothing that was made came out of what can be seen.

So, faith is the conviction of the testimony of God (which is unseen).

Listen to me, no man should live ignorantly. But those who put their trust in God have true understanding.

It simply starts with acknowledging that the creation of the world was by God. A simple acceptance, the Lord will open your heart to understand and as you continue to believe his words, you continue to increase in understanding.

By faith, we understand…

That simple statement doesn’t just end at the creation of the universe. No sir! It governs everything!

The Lord didn’t put us here to experiment and figure out life. He created every one to live by His word.

Simply put, in light of this context, faith is living by every word from God… It is not leaning on your own understanding to live. But accepting every word of God and by it receiving understanding from God.

Listen to me, Abel heard something about God and accepted it. As a result, he knew what kind of offering pleased God.

Psalms 119:19 (KJV)
“I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me.”

You don’t have to live for too long on the earth to know that life here is not a straight-line graph. There are too many factors at work. There are confusing circumstances and a man may waste his years trying to study life to live out its best.

But the laws, commands, promises, precepts, and statutes of God give us understanding. And so David cries out “I didn’t make the earth, I didn’t create anything in it, I don’t have the slightest idea where to put my legs, where or how to go but you do. You created this place and expect that I live here in a certain way, do not hide it from me.

Listen, you can not live life with your understanding… You didn’t make yourself. God made you. You have to live by His word. From whence faith comes.

Though you live in a physical world, your living has to be by the word which created it.

Everything about life is understood by faith… Every single thing about life is understood by receiving what God has said about it… That is faith… This Faith is the spirit that comes from the word. This faith is living by every word that proceeds out of the Lord’s mouth.

Life is too complicated outside faith. You may go ahead lying to yourself that you’ve got it but don’t forget that you’ve only got the figment of your imagination which is smoke and will soon disappear and you will perish.

Choose to receive understanding from God today.

God bless you.

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