The Violent Take it By Force

Last week I started a thought which you can catch up with by clicking this title “From The Days of John”. I suggest you do even if you have before.

Today, I want to charge you by the word of God unto good works… Unto a good fight.

Matthew 11:12 (KJV)
“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Last week, I explained that the battle, the violence that the kingdom of God experienced hasn’t ended. It’s a battle that is fought daily.

I don’t know if you also had the feeling that coming into the faith would make all things easy and smooth. If you did, we were wrong.

Once in the faith, it is a constant fight to stay in. My goodness! It is important you know that there are phases of our faith. You must hear, then see but you must continue to look upon for your hands to handle. You may have the needed faith to leave Egypt but man, if you don’t continue in that faith, you’ll not posses the promised land.

When you read the teachings of Jesus on the kingdom, in them you find clear cautions on the need to enter.

The promise to Israel was not leaving Egypt, it was having a land to call theirs and being called a people… A people of God. They began the journey to the kingdom of God (Canaan) but they suffered violence. They were tested in the wilderness, they were tried, they were tempted and all this was to furnish them for the kingdom they were heading to.

Listen, keeping our faith, standing on the promise, fixing our eyes on that old rugged cross is war. It is a fight! All forms of weapons are pelted at us so we take our gaze off what matters but those who will doggedly hold on to the faith and fix the gaze of their hearts on the gospel will handle of the word of life.

Oh! Adelphoi, it is they that are violent, they that are rugged, they that are dogged, they that have said “to die is gain“, only they will inherit the kingdom. It is the one who will be hard pressed but not allow their faith be crushed. They who will resist to the point of shedding blood.

It is they who will press on in prayer. They who will cry out and insist “thy kingdom come, thy will be done” despite their feelings, facts and experiences. Oh! They who will give Him no rest until He has established His will as seen in scriptures in their lives.

Brother, it is those who say “Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less”

Sister, it is those who will accept mockery because they have kept the word of God.

Oh! Church, I adjure you with the words of our Lord. Strive to enter in through that narrow gate.

Oh! Saints, I beseech you in the words of Paul. Do not be as one punching the air.

Oh! Martha, stop punching the air for only one thing is needful and if you choose it, and stand by that choice like Mary, it cannot be take away from you.

Contend for His will on your knees and make sure that in the City, you do not fear to bleed. For they that “bleed” are partaking in the suffering of Christ. Therefore, rejoice, I say again, rejoice, for yours is the kingdom.

Rejoice, I say again, rejoice, for it is the Lord who will keep you in the battle and present you victorious without blemish at the end.

To Him who is able even to do beyond this, be praise and glory forevermore. Amen.

May the Lord bless you.

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