Interpreting Visions and Times

What a heavy topic to be writing about… Hahaha… Well, maybe not so heavy.

Visions and seasons or times are part of life. God gives people visions and sets the times and seasons.

The purpose of this writeup is to correct and possibly instruct you towards the right path in Christ.

Now I’m not sure but I believe I have a post that has something to do with not pursuing visions and the voice of God and all that. Today’s writeup is not for that.

Today’s writeup is focused on the aspect of understanding or interpreting visions.

I want to say that your desire must be to follow Christ if not, you’ll reject the teachings here.

Job 32:8 (KJV)
“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

Listen brethren, there’s no “how to interpret or understand” visions, times or even scriptures. If I’ve come to understand anything, it is that when it comes to hidden things, it is God that reveals by inspiring or giving a spirit of understanding.

Believe this, there’s a spirit that is in man and God can breathe understanding into that spirit. You don’t learn how to understand or interpreted these things. Ask the Lord for understanding and He’ll give you.

I say again, we ask God for understanding and He gives it.

If you have a vision, and you don’t understand, simply pray about it and keep praying as long as it troubles your heart until God gives understanding. He can bring it through other people or by simply breathing into your spirit… And you just know.

“How do you know?… I just know” That sounds familiar, right? It’s the breath of the Almighty.

Avoid schools of visions and all that. That’s dabbling into something dangerous. Avoid the high sounding teachings that point you to methods of interpreting and understanding spiritual things. We believers understand by faith!!! What does that mean? It means our understanding comes because we believe God is not an author of confusion. We understand because we believe that God will give us understanding. We understand because we believe His word… I know that part sounds crazy but believe me it is true

Say “No” to extra-biblical methods.

Every method that doesn’t acknowledge the sovereignty of God in revelation… Every method or teaching that tells you that steps can be taken to receive or understand visions is dangerous.

As it ever occurred to you why the three Hebrew boys never interpreted anything? It wasn’t given to them. They joined Daniel in prayer and God gave understanding to Daniel.

Daniel would go and ask the Lord to reveal. He didn’t ask from the perspective of authority over some birthright or applying methods. He asked humbly because his life and that of his friends were on the line.

Do not even think that your fasting will give you understanding.

What am I saying to you today friends?

If you lack understanding of something, anything, ask the Lord. The Lord who gave you a vision seeks for you to understand it, so He will send the meaning to you but please do not be fooled by motivational preaching puffing you up by saying as a Christian you should be able to interpret visions and dreams or if you so this and this, you will understand dreams, visions and times.

John who wrote the book of revelations couldn’t even interpret what he saw, it took angels to explain to him. Yet, not even our brother John could tell us how to receive visions or how to interpret them.

Brothers and sisters, let us remember that the spirit gives as He wills. Do not do extreme things to attain spiritual height. I tell you, you will attain spiritual heights but never in God.

Let me end with this… Please and please, do nothing except honest, humble prayer to God for understanding and wisdom.

Thank you for coming to read from me today. God bless you.

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