No Weapon

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer that no weapon is formed… You too? I thought so.

You see, maybe because of what we prefer, we spend so much spiritual energy focusing on it. We spend so much energy making sure it doesn’t happen… The weapon is not formed.

Thank you for coming to read from me today. I’d like to just share something from scriptures and trust God to help us believe it as it is.

Something about the Believer in Christ is that his faith is sometimes confused for irresponsibility. However, the difference between the irresponsible person and the man of faith is their continuity in keeping the word of God in their hearts which culminates to a life of obedience.

I’ve once written to you about the efforts we put into proving we believe. It’s not necessary friends. Apply the instruction of the Lord to Joshua saying, let the book of the law not depart out of our heart and lips.

Let’s learn to fix and keep our gaze on the author and beginner of faith because the moment we take our eyes off, we start dying… The just shall live by faithfulness.

Isaiah 54:17 (KJV)
“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

Imagine this silly scenario. You’re somewhere you can’t run and the one who’s been chasing you catches up with you there, unpacks his bag while you’re busy looking for somewhere to climb and escape. Then he brings out some parts of guns and starts to assemble them. This assembling is going to take at least three minutes. I don’t have to ask you what you’ll do.

If I can’t run anywhere, I’ll make sure he doesn’t assemble that gun. I will put sand in his eyes not cos I like playing with sand or cos his eyes have offended me but cos I don’t want that weapon assembled. I’m going to look for the firing pin or the cartridge or something to throw away so that gun becomes useless.

Let me share another personal lesson before I go on to explain the scripture… Once I learnt that if, for instance, God says to me, Rowland there’ll be no rain for three days and just a minute after he says it, the clouds start gathering, it starts thundering, lightning strikes, all these things do not mean it will eventually rain.

Adelphoi, the clouds can gather all they want, the lightning can strike all it wants and it can thunder to the point of deafening, none of this should bother you… Keep your attention on the word of God.

I see Christians are so attentive to the formation of weapons against them. They pray against weapons being formed against them. Did the bible not say they will be formed? In fact, if you read verse 16 of the above portion of scriptures, you’d learn that it is God that created them and the waster that brings ruin.

Friends, weapons are going to be formed. However, here is the promise, it will not prevail against you. It will not prosper.

For a believer in Christ, this could mean two things and I don’t want to talk about them separately. Just know that it will not prosper.

Rest friends, rest!! Rest in the word of God and not in the events around you. Believers are always living like victims of something. Victims of some colleagues stopping their promotion. Victims of some neighbours being unfair to them. Victims of a government trying to “ruin” their lives. Victims of this or that.

Balaam, in a cohort with Balaak, built altars, according to some high level of understanding of spiritual things, to curse the children of israel. After building and putting the needed sacrifices, he opened his mouth to course but blessed instead.

Dear believer, let me summarize with this, when the devil is plotting and evil people are plotting against you, guess what you should be doing. You should be meditating on the word of God.

David, in Psalm 119, tells us his response to plots and evil speakings against him. He meditates and keeps the word of God in his heart and on his lips.

Jesus didn’t stop the strong wind blowing on the sea, he knew that wasn’t Peter’s problem. Winds will always form, sometimes tornadoes. Dark clouds may gather and may look like the damp of the heavens are about to be opened upon the earth. In all, make sure your mind is stayed on Christ.

Hence, stop paying attention to weapons or circumstances, or events being formed against you. That is bound to happen. What does God say about it is what you should meditate upon.

God bless you friends.

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