“Son of the father”… That was the name of this criminal. The aramaic meaning of Barabbas is “son of the father”.

In hope that this innocent Jesus of Nazareth would be released, Pilate made the people choose between Jesus and a notable prisoner who was tied to violent riots and murder.

That was supposed to be an easy choice to make…

The son of the father and the son of God. I know Barabbas’ name may have literally meant the son of his earthly father but if I may apply it to bring a message to you today.

Here we have a prodigal son of the Father who stands representing mankind. We are all children of God… All of us… Children of the Most High… Not children by birth but children by creation. Like the Bible refers to Adam as the son of God, we know that doesn’t mean he was begotten of the Father. It means he was created. Jesus was the only begotten of the Father.

The created son of the Father has sinned and is a lawful captive to sin and death… Oh! How I believe that Barabbas’ sentence was deathFor nothing less is befitting a man who’s to be used as an example… Death because he was actively involved in a riot that led to murder. Best case scenario, the murder of a Jew, worst case scenario, the murder of a Roman soldier.

Pilate knew that Barabbas was a lawful captive because of his sins… just like the human race is. No one is innocent. Even the one who you’d have pity for by looking upon their sufferings of only God would make you see their sinful potential… Oh this wickedness and evil in man was proven when they all screamed “Away with Him!! Give us Barabbas“… Give us our kinsman, give us a fellow sinful man and take this righteousness away.

Again sin thought it could overcome righteousness like it did the righteousness in the law. He was sentenced to death, not by Pilate but by the sinful mankind.

“What wickedness” you say? Indeed it was wickedness but I am grateful because I was Barabbas.

When you remember the story of this unlawful prisoner exchange, remember, that you are Barabbas… The created son of the Father… Do not pay attention to the wickedness of the people… Pay attention to the man of Galilee who has taken your place and given you, a sinful man, a lawful captive, a different identity… A Begotten Son of the FatherHe shares His inheritance hence becoming the first begotten of the Father.

Through the envy of the Jewish authorities, Barabbas was released, to fulfil the very purpose of God. The salvation of every soul from death.

The reality of death is never known until it is faced in real time. Barabbas didn’t know the reality of it. He was still a prisoner. That’s what many sinners are… Prisoners who don’t know the reality of death until it hits them. So they spend their time still enjoying bondage in disguise.

Adelphoi, I want you to be reminded, and I pray the Holy Spirit gives you strength and understanding of this truth, the lawful captive, the one who is in bondage as a consequence of his actions and thoughts and for that will be eternally damned, has been set free if he will look to the one who took his place.

The first begotten will show you what it means to be a begotten son. He empowers you to live as a begotten son and gives you a sure hope through the Spirit that is in you.

No offence can ever be greater than the punishment Jesus received. If you believe.

I pray that the reality of this life is made known in our hearts. Amen.

Thank you for reading from me today. God bless you.

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