Christianity Is Not Fun?

No! You’re not on the wrong site and No, this hasn’t become a lifestyle blog.

Thank you for coming to read from me. I trust God to bless your soul.

I get the opportunity to talk with my friends and there is something we have realized.

Christianity is not “fun”! It’s not meant to be fun!

We almost always end that statement with “leave it that way

Listen, I’m not a sadist. I think I’m a playful person… Probably too playful. Although who I am doesn’t validate the truth. I just said that to say that I’m not one who things you should love a sad life. Neither am I one who thinks our faith is a sad life.

However, I have seen us do things of the world in a churchy way in the name of “Christianity is not boring” .

Christians having their Big Brother House show. Christians having their own truth or dare game. Christians having their own kind of “after party”. I don’t want to keep giving examples cos I’ll mention things that are not in themselves wrong but have been polluted by the unconscious desire to have the kind of fun we would have had as lost souls and the need to show that Christians can have fun too.

Christianity is not boring” has led my brothers to do unnecessary things.

“I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I can’t…” is the voice of a soul that is still longing for a bit of the world and acceptance by the world.

We are Christians who are to live by the spirit and not according to the flesh….hmmm I just heard someone say “does being a Christian then mean I can’t have fun?

You don’t get it!

Christians are people who are satisfied in their spirit and soul. They are content people. They are content in the promises which gives them an assured hope. They are filled with satisfaction, those who have their gaze on the hope of Christ.

Fun is not part of the gospel!

Listen, I’m not stopping you from doing anything you want to do, all I’m saying is that do not think Christians can participate in the activities of the world in a good Christian way. There is no point! We don’t have to! Because we do not envy their way! We do not desire their way!

We are satisfied people! We are satisfied knowing Jesus! And all we do is to draw us closer to Him and the knowledge of Him even if it means climbing unto a trampoline or bouncing castleNothing can be more fun, you’d agree… LoL.

Our fun is Christ! It’s not like we can take a break from being serious Christians all the time to have some godly fun and then go back to being serious Christians… I believe that’s your personal misunderstanding.

It’s not like our faith turns us into boring people or anything but the message of this post is that even if it did, (and believe me, it can be), being and having fun is secondary to faith by which the righteous shall receive eternal life.

We are not looking at Jesus!!! We are not!!! And that is why with our lips, we profess but we are empty on the inside and trying to still capture and impress the world with the fact that we can have fun! We are empty and trying to fill ourselves up with church fun activities so we don’t feel stale.

How many believers can sit to hear the pure word of God for hours unend. Very few! Our satisfaction is not in Him.

If following Jesus were boring, it would mean nothing to the one whose heart is stayed on Christ .

Disclaimer: The aim of this post is not to “rain on your parade” and spoil all the fun stuff you planned to do… You can go on… I just want you to know that if the faith we have is about how we maximize our satisfaction of and comfort in this world, living the best life while trying our best not to fault in any of God’s demands, then we are of all men most miserable.

O brothers and sisters, let us put all these things away and face Jesus.

Let us stop looking for how and where we can fit in the world without offending God.

Let us have fun in Jesus not in the activities. Yes! You will play games. Yes! You will swim. Yes! You will participate in certain fun stuff and enjoy yourself but… Fun is not an assurance or a characteristic of following Jesus. Let’s stop trying to live like fun is a box that should be checked in the faith.

2 Corinthians 6:17 (KJV)
“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,”

Maybe next time, I will write to you a part on what it means to be separate.

I’ve said a lot that may have not been clear the first time. You should read this post again and I pray God will give you the spirit of wisdom and understanding. Amen.

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  1. Chiamaka Okeke says:

    This is beautifully written, I pray the heart of men receive and understand to adhere to this truth, amen…

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