Whose Payroll?

Hello again Precious Reader. You’ve been blessed with another Friday and I am honored to have you read from me.

A quick reminder of what you’re here for. The posts on this blog are written with the aim of not informing you but transforming you. They are not an excuse for not reading your Bible, they ought to bring in you a desire to know God daily. Please keep this in mind and also remember I’m glad to have you here on my blog to read from me.

Let’s move to today’s business.

Matthew 6:24 (KJV)
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Jesus, speaking here, teaches us and puts it quite unequivocally that there are these two things that can’t run concurrently. It is not at all a situation of killing two birds with one stone. These birds can’t be killed with one stone and you can’t have more than one stone to pelt at one of the birds, so choose you this day which bird you want to pelt your stone at.

Sometimes it’s difficult to share this kind of thing because I’m a youth and most of my readers are youths. It’s like telling us to throw away our “future”.

I pray you take correction and are blessed…

Jesus taught in the passage quoted above that your life here on earth can’t be governed by two masters. It can’t be influenced by two spirits because they don’t push you towards the same direction and/or give the same motivation. He teaches that you can’t give yourself to His Lordship and, not just at the same time but also the same you, can’t be given or give yourself to the lordship of mammon.

Mammon is not just money but wealth (physical wealth), gain, anything that’s gain to flesh. It is also the confidence as a result of wealth. It is the personification of wealth also believed to be a demon of greed and lust.

The problem is not having wealth and riches, it is also not having plenty of it… The problem is pursuing it and having confidence in it, depending on it and finding your security in it.

Let me share something people often don’t understand and I believe that’s a place for the devil to come in through. It is to think mammon is talking about excess wealth and riches. No, it is not. It’s not the pursuit of plenty and excess wealth. No matter the little you pursue, even if it’s what’s just enough for your survival, the confidence that it is by it you survive and the thought that it is by it your today and your tomorrow can be secure, is the serving of mammon.

If you’re not confident about what I’ve said to you, read Matthew 6:24-34… Also let me throw this in, don’t think you’re serving God when all you’re serving is what His hand gives.

You won’t believe I’ve not even touched the crux of today’s post.

Let’s check out a very popular scripture, one I love so much.

Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Look at the instruction our Lord, Jesus Christ, gave to us. The same observation was made in the penultimate verse of the last chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes.

Now, this seems not to be the problem of some… At least that’s what they think. They think they’re seeking His kingdom and His kingdom is their locally assembly.

You say, “Rowland, do you mean we shouldn’t go out to do something for food and water and cloth and other things we need?

I didn’t say that, Jesus said it. Now, He didn’t say you won’t go out and gather food and all but He says that shouldn’t be your purpose for living. The scam is this, you view your life as a whole and say “oh c’mon, I can’t possibly live my life just chasing money“. Well, I say to you, pick your life day by day and see the decisions you make, it’ll point you to what you live your whole life for. It’ll point you to whose payroll you are on. Jesus or mammon.

The very thing Jesus said can’t happen, is the very way Christians are trying to live, living in their own deception; pursuing wealth, riches, security, etc. while serving God at the same time. They think they are serving God but God already said you can’t serve two masters… God is not saying, here, that we should honor Him as the senior master, he is saying you CANNOT be on two masters’ payroll.

Listen to me, if you meet as a church and you’re taught how to have multiple streams of income, RUN!!!… They’ll give scriptures that are out of context. You may have all what you seek added to you through multiple means, but if you chase it, you refuse what God has said.

Let them call you a mediocre person, Jesus testifies different. It’s totally obvious this is not a call to laziness. It is a call to a higher purpose.

You can’t be there making every decision in favour of enriching your pocket, thinking of the next way to make things work for your comfort and security while keeping yourself in “righteousness” and you think God is your master… You don’t lie, you don’t cheat, you don’t do anything God has commanded you not to do, you give large offerings, you’re at every gathering of believers, etc.

You lie!!! You broke the first command, you turned away from the purpose of your living, you have for yourself another god and you are ignorant of it.

What motivates you? What informs your decisions? What is your desire? If God came to you in your sleep like Solomon, where you can’t deceive anyone, and asked you what you want from Him, what incense will your heart release?

Take a look back… Yeah really, look back… can you see where you fell into the trap of pursuing earthly satisfaction and security and doing it in the most righteous way possible?

Take a moment friend and allow God search you.

Choose a life UNTO God today!!! Live for His purpose. Ask Him for His purpose and ask Him to help you live.


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