About His Love

I do not claim to comprehend the dimensions of the love of God in its entirety. So I am definitely not writing this from that perspective. However, I’d like to bring to your understanding one or two things about His love… Probably more than two.

I really hope you’re not entertained by my posts but transformed and caused to thirst for the knowledge of God.

It is no question that the love God has for us is really great. It is humanly incomprehensible. It would take a strengthening by the Spirit in our inner being to grasp it dimensions.

That being said, erroneous ideas of the love of God is not uncommon among believers these days.

There are many erroneous ideas about the love of God but I intend focusing on one and if I can talk about others, maybe I will.

Now, please note that the purpose of this post is not to correct only but by the Spirit of God make you put your faith on sure grounds and find more satisfaction in the love of God.

Just to put it out plain and simple, You are not the center of God’s love.

We speak about God’s love for us as though we are the center of it. We speak as though although we are not deserving but God couldn’t just help Himself. As though we have this precious thing in us that attracts God and makes Him so vulnerable to us. No sir!! You are the product and recipient of His love. You are the object of His love. Object in this case is totally not responsible for that love.

You know how the object of an action can influence the subject or do something to deserve it? That’s not the case with God’s love for us.

Listen, you were not existing, God did not create you first then have an idea to love you. The idea of man was not existing, hanging somewhere. The love of God birthed that idea and created you for one single reason… To be His Image.

Please, God is the center of His love.

Romans 5:8 (KJV)
“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Though we chose sin and we were subject to the just recompense of reward, the gift and calling of God is without repentance… To be His image… The very purpose He created us came in flesh… Jesus!

That is not because we are so loveable and cute.

Listen!!! You are not cute! you are not “precious“… Not in yourself.

The only thing that makes you special is because He is and He chose you and that’s why He created you. Kai!!!

I don’t want to begin to explain how worthless you are except the love of God is cast upon you. Except the choice of God falls on you. Look at Romans 5:8 again.

You were not one cute helpless baby. You were evil. Deserving of every judgement against evil… but God!

Listen to me Adelphoi, at the end of it all, understanding God’s love never puts you at the center. God’s love puts Christ at the center because that was the expression of His love toward you, He created you to be in that image. Despite your choices, He pursued that goal of making you in His image because He is Love, He is true and He is faithful and not because you are anything but the recipient of His love.

Kai!! Let me say this on the side. You do not experience the love of God because He keeps providing for you or forgiving you. You only experience God’s love as you come to know and are transformed into the image of Christ.

His love is all about Him. Be careful now! it’s not for Him but it’s about Him. Do you get that?

The love where God is all and not me. The love where God’s nature (love) is everything and not a secret admiration of my hidden precious gift is the love that satisfies. It is the love that my faith can rest confidently upon because I know that God is good.

Oh that a God honouring and Christ exalting understanding of the love of God be given to us. In Jesus name.

Allow me write to you next time, by God’s mercies, about our love.

God bless you.

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