Hearing The Voice of God

Hello dear reader. It’s another blessed Friday and I am glad you loaded this page to read from me today, it is encouraging and I know you’ll be blessed.

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Today, we will be talking about something that has brought many into a fulfilled life, yet brought some to an unexpected end. The matter of hearing the voice of God. I believe this discussion concerns this generation a lot because of the fiery zeal we have for the “things of God”.

You will agree that growing as a young believer, it always bugged you how people heard God especially when you hear people make statements such as “…and God began to say to me…” or “I heard the voice of God clearly and He said…”. Even after so many years, you still had the question until your zeal drove you to search for ways to hear the voice of God.

That’s why you are probably here… Hoping to find a way… Oh but you will.

Amongst many imbalances the zeal of the Pentecostal youth has driven him into is the matter of hearing the voice of God. Though a sincere longing but an imbalanced approach, motive and information out there.

As usual, my aim today is not to talk about what has been wrongly taught or done but to address, from the scriptures, our motives and redirect our hearts where God will have it face.

Does God speak to people?

Due to the avalanche of scriptures proving that God speaks to people, I find it difficult to pick one scripture to use. Beginning from Adam to Enoch to Noah all the way to men in the new testament.

Let’s see the experience of Peter, James and John at the mount of Jesus’ transfiguration.

Mark 9:7
“And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.”

We see here that God speaks to men audibly…He also in their hearts.

This having been established, there is an unhealthy thirst and search for the technique involved in hearing the voice of God because those who hear the voice of God are regarded as more spiritual. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

This motive has led many to begin to practise unhealthy methods (close to spiritualism and every method outside the Faith) so they can hear God.

I want you to hear this clearly in your heart

“There are no steps or methods to hear the voice of God”

Take your time and look through everyone that had the opportunity to hear the voice of God audibly in the Bible and try to see what they did to hear the voice. They did absolutely nothing… They just heard.

Listen, God is sovereign, if He speaks, you will hear (you may not know it is Him and you may know sometimes, depending on how He chooses to show up).

Therefore, hearing the voice of God doesn’t make you spiritual!!! It does not make you more spiritual!!!

Hearing God is not the ultimate. Like I said God speaks but it is not something to seek after let alone use to boost your spiritual ego.
Beloved, God is not trying to fix your hearing, He’s trying to fix your heart.

God is not in the business of just answering questions, He wants to teach you His ways… “…A new heart… And I will move them…”

People have said that hearing God’s voice will help their faith become strengthened. I tell you, that’s not true because unbelief is a spirit and only the working of the WORD of God can send it out. Waiting to hear the voice of God that convinces you mentally is unbelief… Remember, it is the word of God that deals with unbelief not the voice in your ear or “heart”.

I feel like I’m stepping on some toes… Well that’s good.

How then do I know the will of God per time?

Again I say, what the Lord is doing with you is not speaking, it is leading. It may involve speaking but it is not speaking.

He’s neither calling you to be spiritual but to be a Son.

Romans 8:14
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

What does it mean to be led? This will bless you.

Defining directly from the Greek word, it means:

To be driven reflexively, to be induced.

The Bible says “and the Spirit drove Him to the wilderness to be tempted”

The hymn says “take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love…”

Listen, hearing the voice of God is not what differentiates goats from sheep, it is being led… The sheep is first called, they respond because they recognize the voice because they are His sheep and not because they have learnt the techniques to hear. Then they are Led.

No matter what the goats hear, they don’t follow. It is also in their nature not to recognize the voice because they do not have the meek nature of discipleship that the sheep have.

We must STOP learning how to hear the voice and start learning how to be led.

This unhealthy quest for boost in spiritual ego through hearing the voice of God has made many insensitive in their daily living (daily activities) and become only sensitive (to hear) when they are praying… Once they finish praying they go on from there and forget who they are.

Brethren, let us move on to the more excellent matters. Let us move on from this childish pursuit unto the original will of God; to be in control of our impulses. Let us submit so much that we move wherever He moves without turning, like the four living creatures in Ezekiel 1. It says in Ezekiel 1 “wherever the spirit went, the four living creatures went without turning (they were that flexible and impulsive to the leading) because they had the spirit”.

Let us therefore give ourselves to learning and improving on our discipleship, on our being led and not hearing (because different kinds of spirits speak to people…like the lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets in the scripture). Let us forsake spiritualism and yield ourselves to Sonship, to the impulses of the Holy Spirit. Let us walk with Him until we move over to the other side of the line where our thoughts are His Words.

I pray that someone has a new interest today, the interest to be led by the impulses of the Spirit of God and the prayerful decision to pursue it… For it is the will of God.

Join me next week as I talk to you about how to be led by the Spirit, what must be done and what is expected and I know the Holy Spirit will release grace to you to live. Amen.

Thank you for joining me today.

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God bless you. Amen.


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      You’re welcome


  2. Joseph Asukwo says:

    This is awesome may God continue to endowed more inspirations and excellent spirit upon you in Jesus name.Amen.

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    Impulses… Thanks sir..

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    Thanks always, man of God.

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