The Grace of God

I could not hide my surprise when I found that the subject of grace does not rank among the eight most controversial topics in the Christian faith… Considering the variance and discrepancies in views and understanding which, literally, is responsible for some Christians choice to live in a particular way (both righteously and unrighteously) with different kinds of characters, I expected that the commonly discussed topic would rank at least third.
Anyways, my icebreaker was just ruined.


Thank you for joining me today. I hope you were blessed by last week’s post. Let me just say, it’s advisable that you read an article before sharing… I appreciate the sharing but read first. I wrote it for you to be blessed.

What is grace?
There are so many definitions of grace. All I have heard are correct but they seem to me like just a portion of the whole. So I choose to see Christ Jesus as all grace is.
I may be unable to give you an accurate definition of what grace is, that’s not my aim actually, but there’s something I can say about grace that most certainly must be expressed in every attempted definition of grace. That is that nobody deserves grace. No one can ever deserve grace and when you try to do things to deserve it, you fall short of it. The more you try to deserve it, like a miry clay, you sink deeper in unworthiness.

No human deserves grace and I believe that’s why it is open to all. Sadly not all have stretched out their hands to receive it.

This post is not directed to those who have not touched this grace, it is aimed at addressing those who have actually reached out to touch this grace but seem to be missing something.

First you must understand that the dispensation of grace was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. However, grace has always displayed “Himself” from the times of the law and the prophets, preparing His way unto full manifestation in His humanity for the complete salvation of man.
Why have I said all this?
It is therefore imperative to know that you can not give grace your own idea and what you think it should be. You can not assume what grace ought to be. Take yourself to the feet of Jesus who is the same God yesterday, today and forever and learn His ways.
To say that the “old testament” doesn’t capture grace is erroneous.
I personally believe that sometimes, this notion comes from the belly of one who wants to rebel and who still loves sin but wants to find rest in grace.

Hence many live as though grace is a system that secures the after life. They think it is like fixing a particular sum of money in the bank for the security of the future.
This is wrong.

Titus 2:11-12 (KJV)
“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;”
The appearance of the grace is not to secure the after life, it is to prepare us for the after life prepared for us in Him.

How then does this happen?
It is by being taught.

Listen to me, if indeed you have accepted the grace of God in Jesus, submit yourself to learn the whole counsel of God written in the Bible. Give yourself to the teaching of grace which is the whole counsel of God.

Soak yourself in the word of God. It is in receiving this teaching that you depart from ungodliness and lust.

Grace is not an excuse to continue in iniquity, it enables you to be and live like Jesus.

This is my aim!!!

I want you to know that there’s more in grace than forgiveness.

Is there forgiveness of sin? In abundance. Is that all there is? Absolutely not.
Listen to me, there’s a reason you’ve been forgiven, it is toward an end. Follow the Holy Spirit to that end.

Friend, I want you to know that grace is not just forgiveness. Forgiveness takes place at the gate of the mansion of grace. And as you walk in, the realization of this forgiveness dawns on you even as you observe the everyday cleansing of the man you were before you went through that gate.

Is Grace your fuel station or the entire journey?

I want to journey. I want to shed off filthiness and walk in the glory of the one who appeared to us, teaching us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts.

This calls for you to turn your phone over, shut your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your perception of grace to you.

Ask, “Does my perception of grace encourage more sin?”, “Does my perception of grace not mind a little unrighteousness here and there?”, “Does my perception of grace make me long for God, His holiness and His glory?” , ” Does my perception of grace only encourage me to lay hands and show power over demons?”, “Does my perception stem from what the word actually says about grace and not just the part I like?”

Pray as you see the need to.

God bless you.

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